pregnancy foods

Eating nutrition-rich diet is important at all times, but during pregnancy, a healthy and well-balanced meal holds the highest priority. Essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins are important to develop the mind you, breathing inside your body. While the most healthy foods are safe for you in any other phase of life, some should be strictly avoided when there is a baby nurturing inside your womb.

raw meat

Raw Meat

Uncooked or undercooked beef, poultry or seafood should be strictly avoided as they have a risk of contamination with bacteria.

deli meat

Deli Meat

Deli meats are known to be fouled with listeria that causes miscarriage. Listeria can also infect the baby and cause infections or blood poisoning.

fish mercury

Fish with Mercury

Stay away from fishes with a high level of mercury in it. Consuming mercury during pregnancy causes developmental delays in the baby or even brain damage. Some fishes that contain mercury are swordfish, shark, king mackerel, tilefish, etc. Canned tuna contains a lesser amount of mercury than other tuna, but still, it is best to avoid consuming it. Certain fishes used in sushi dishes are highly packed with mercury and should be strictly avoided.

fishes exposed industrial pollutants

Fishes exposed to industrial pollutants

Fishes from contaminated lakes or rivers should not be consumed, as they may be exposed to high amount of industrial wastes and polychlorinated biphenyls. Contact local Environmental Protection Agency and health department to determine which fishes are safe in your area to consume.

raw egg

Raw eggs and shellfish

Majority of illness is because of consuming raw or undercooked meats. Cooking prevents a lot of infections. Raw eggs or any foods made with raw eggs (like homemade Caesar dressing, custards, ice creams, mayonnaise, etc) are potentially exposed to salmonella. If the recipe involves cooking at any point of its preparation, then the risk is reduced. Commercially synthesized food products use pasteurized eggs and do not involve risk of salmonella.

soft cheese

Soft Cheeses

Imported soft cheese may contain Listeria, which causes miscarriage or other life-threatening infections to the baby.



No amount of alcohol is safe during pregnancy and therefore should be completely avoided during pregnancy. Prenatal exposure to alcohol may interfere with the development of the baby. Consuming alcohol during pregnancy can cause Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and other developmental disorders. You should also stay away from alcohol while you are lactating as it reaches baby during breastfeeding and poses harmful risks to the infant.

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