A neck lift can be done on anyone, either young or old and it tightens the loose muscles of the neck and makes the person feel like they have lost quite a lot of weight. Two types of neck lift are done, one in which the excess skin is removed and the other involves the removal or alteration of the neck muscles. Neck lift should be done with proper planning and by a good plastic surgeon. You should first of all look for an experienced and successful plastic surgeon and then consult with him so that the result of the process is cleared to you beforehand.

Neck Lift

Neck Lift – Before & After

Neck Lift

You should be very frank to your neck lift surgeon and ask them all your doubts about this neck lift surgery, its results, and side effects. The time taken in the neck lift process is two to three hours and it may vary depending upon the need of the patient. The patient should be in good mental and physical health before the neck lift process. If you want to undergo a neck lift, you will be advised by your doctor to avoid or take some medicines prior to it. If you are a smoker you will have to quit smoking two weeks before surgery and two weeks after the neck lift surgery.

Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions

Neck Lifting SurgeryDuring the consultation, your doctor will give you some instructions to be followed before and after the neck lift surgery. You should follow them carefully and completely so that to achieve the maximum benefit from the neck lift. It is advisable to wear loose clothes on the day of your neck lift surgery. Usually, patients having loose neck muscles or too much of skin on the neck or excess fat deposit on the neck are advised to undergo neck lift. You will feel like losing a lot of weight at once and also feel much younger after the surgery.

Less Than 15 Minutes

The incisions are usually made under the chin and the bandage is removed after a week or so. It can be done in as less than 15 minutes and can take an hour or so at the maximum. The only thing is that the recovery from this surgery takes time and you will have to wait for three weeks to come back to normal work. Some people return to their normal life in 10-14 days and it depends on the size of the incision. The recovery time might vary depending upon the patient and the extent of this neck lift surgery. Normally a little numbness or tightness or a burning sensation can be felt in the area after the neck lift surgery, which will subside in a day or two. If it persists consult your doctor.

Neck Lift Surgery Explained by Dr. Michael Bogdan

Dr. Bogdan reviews how neck surgery is performed to rejuvenate the neck. Several Before-and-After patient examples are shown, with animations highlighting the actual surgical changes that were performed.

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