You must have heard million of times that you are what you eat. Yet, a lot of you will need to hear it a million times more before you actually buy it and start working accordingly to improve yourself.

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You need to stop wondering as to why your belly is bloating at an unfathomable speed, as you already know the reason, you just need to accept it and start fixing it. Typing “How to lose weight” on Google is fine, but only if you do follow what you find. However, if you do not even do that there are just two mottos that will help you to lose weight effectively and those are- “Eat Less”.

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And now comes the big question- How are you suppose to do it? Well, just follow the following routine and you will soon witness your weight dipping.

Have 6 light meals instead of 3 heavy meals

Light meals at smaller duration keep your body’s metamorphosis active all day. Your body continuously works to digest the food and therefore, it continuously consumes calories. At the end of the day, you lose more calories and your body keeps functioning.

drink water

Drink a lot of water in a day, especially before meals

Water not only removes toxins from your body, but it also makes you feel full. If you drink water before your meal, it will obviously reduce your food quantity. You’ll eat fewer calories at the end of the day. Water also helps in burning extra calories.

skipping meals

Skipping meals does not help in reducing fat

The hungrier you feel, the more you end up eating. Therefore, skipping meals never work if you want to lose weight. For, example, if you skip breakfast, you end up eating more at lunch and if you skip lunch, you end up eating more at dinner.

eat low calorie food

Eat low-calorie food

Non-vegetarian meals and fried food are drenched in calories and fat. Banish eatables like red meat and switch to the low-calorie vegetarian meal.



Exercise is not as difficult as you think. You don’t really have to go to a gym to start off with an exercise routine. There are a lot of effective exercises that you can easily follow at home, without any types of equipment.

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