There are so many people who try to explain what causes fetal alcohol syndrome and describe how it affects the fetus. Fetal alcohol syndrome is a serious problem that will happen to women during their pregnancy. Pregnancy is an important step in women’s life because they grow their kid. If they do bad habit, it will Influence the placenta and then influence the fetus too. There are some problems that will occur such as a problem with memory, span, abilities, hearing and maybe a vision. The cause of this fetal alcohol syndrome is clear. It is because pregnant mom consumes alcohol and it influences your baby’s growth. For all of you who really want to avoid this syndrome, what you need to do is reading detail explanation about this syndrome below.

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Types of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorders

So what is fetal alcohol syndrome? When we go to an explanation we can say that this syndrome is a group of signs and also symptoms that will appear together and the syndrome indicate the certain condition. When it comes to pregnant women, it means women will get some birth defects. It can give effect to their children too because their children will grow less quickly than some other children with no fetal alcohol syndrome. Children can get some facial abnormalities and some central nervous system too such as mental retardation.

Actually, fetal alcohol syndrome is divided into some types. Before we know more about this syndrome, what you need to know is the types of this syndrome itself.

  • Fetal alcohol syndrome
  • Partial fetal alcohol syndrome
  • Alcohol-related birth defect
  • Alcohol-related neurodevelopment disorder
  • A neurobehavioral disorder associated with prenatal exposure.

In some countries for example in the US, this syndrome becomes the main problem that causes birth defects. It is also leading to the problem such as mental retardation. Every year, more than 5000 American babies are born with this condition and some people often call it as fetal alcohol abuse syndrome. When you read more articles about this fetal alcohol syndrome, you will be able to know that people try to explain what causes fetal alcohol syndrome and describe how it affects the fetus. So, what is actually cause of this syndrome and what are some symptoms that you must know? You can get more information here.

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Causes of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

The fetal alcohol syndrome cause is clear like it is said above. According to some studies, alcohol will become the most harmful things when it is consumed in first three months of the pregnancy. The risk will be increased if the mother is a heavy drinker. Why can it happen? It happens because when pregnant women drink alcohol, some of the alcohol will be easily passing across the placenta to the fetus too. The pregnant body will not process alcohol as the same way as when adult consumes alcohol. When you drink more alcohol then it means the more concentrate will pass your placenta and then go to the fetus. It will prevent nutrition and also oxygen that is needed by your baby for the fetus vital organ development and growth.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome can be seen in some children. And you need to be aware when you find children with some symptoms below.

  • Abnormal facial features such as short, upturned nose, small eyes with drooping upper lids, thin upper lip, flattened philtrum, flattened cheeks, small jaw and some other abnormal facial features/
  • Growth retardation
  • Experience some nervous system such as hyperactivity, delayed development of gross motor skills, delayed in fine motor skills development, mental retardation, impaired language development, memory problem, distractibility, impulsiveness, problems with learning, and some other signs.

There are some other signs too that we can find such as a small skull, hearing disorders and also decreased birth weight in fast time. The fetal alcohol syndrome will give effect not only in physical characteristic but in the mental impairment too.


After you know more about the symptoms you who find some signs above, need to go to the expert and get an early diagnosis. It is important to diagnose whether your children get this problem or not. The earlier diagnosis is better than late. It makes you can prevent all bad things and maybe you get some better solution and treatments from your doctor. You need to talk to your doctor the real condition during your pregnancy. You need to tell your doctor whether you drank while you were pregnant. When you bring your baby to your doctor, your doctor can diagnose by finding some heart problems. Some people with this condition usually will have the baby with the heart murmur and some other heart diseases. The doctor usually will diagnose this condition in your baby by checking some signs such as:

  • Slow rate of growth
  • Hearing and also vision problems
  • Small head size
  • Abnormal facial features and also bone growth
  • Poor condition
  • Poor coordination

After you know more about how to diagnose this condition, next thing that you need to know is about treatment for this condition. Fetal alcohol syndrome will need treatment based on the symptoms. You may need help from many doctors and also specialist visits in regularly time. You also need special education, social services, and some other things. Some kids with hearing problems will need speech therapist too that will help them to talk and do some other things. Some medications will be given to by a doctor to your kids. Antidepressant to treat problem may make kid feels better and calm.

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To Sum Up

It is better for all pregnant mothers or maybe for all people to not drink alcohol during or when they are not in pregnancy period. As we know alcohol will not only cause this problem but so many problems. People are dying every day because they consume alcohol too. That is why it is better for all of you to avoid alcohol and you can change your lifestyle too. You better do healthy lifestyle that will make you have a better life and of course, when you know that you are pregnant, it is time to keep your body with all best foods and you can do healthy lifestyle for your next baby future. Now you know how to answer and to explain what causes fetal alcohol syndrome and describe how it affects the fetus.

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