Asthma is defined as a chronic disease of the lungs, which results in inflammation and obstruction in the patient’s airways. Patients suffering from asthma experience breathing difficulties. A person can develop asthma due to a number of factors; the symptoms of the conditions might range from mild irritations to acute conditions that require immediate medical intervention. This article includes discussion about exercising with asthma. As an asthma patient, you must consider a few things while exercising. Exercising with asthma is never advised without seeking proper guidance from the physician; the physician will tell you whether exercising be a wise option for you and the kind of exercise program you must get involved in as a person with asthma.


Asthma can be Induced by Exercise

The term exercise-induced asthma is used for asthma attacks or asthma-like symptoms in individuals, who are not diagnosed to be suffering from asthma but are experiencing the signs of the condition only while exercising. The common signs of this form of asthma are a feeling of tightness in the chest, coughing and wheezing after exercising for 5-20 minutes.

While asthma attacks can be triggered by exercises, there are also certain exercises that can help in alleviating the symptoms of the conditions up to a great extent. Most doctors suggest that a person diagnosed with asthma should not stop exercising completely; according to them, asthmatics can be benefited significantly by regular exercising. Regular exercising improves the functioning of airways of the asthma patients by strengthening their breathing muscles. Ask your doctor to list the right exercises of asthma patients to avoid ill effects of exercising and prevent worsening of the asthma symptoms. According to medical experts, exercises that are performed amidst humid and warm environments from instance swimming are known to offer maximum benefits to the asthmatics. A person needs to stay in a specific horizontal position while swimming; staying in this position helps in loosening the mucus formed in the lungs and this, in turn, reduces the breathing problems. The other beneficial exercising forms for the asthma patients are cycling, hiking, golfing and walking.

Exercise Asthma Benefits

Body’s Reaction to Exercise

How will the body of an asthma patient react to regular exercising depends largely on the way he prepares for exercising and the process in which he performed the exercises. Stretches performed before (for warming up the muscles) and after (for cooling down the muscles) exercising helps in keeping the chest muscles of asthma patients relaxed. Experts also suggest that inhaling through the nose instead of the mouth also works as a process of warming up; this process of inhaling humidifies the air the asthma patients breathe in, as a result of which the asthma symptoms reduce significantly.

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