Brow lift (or Forehead lift) is a procedure much like a facelift but less intrusive.

As you get older, you begin to feel that the forehead starts dropping and a lot of lines are seen always on it. This defect can be corrected with a minor form of plastic surgery called a brow lift or forehead lift. Sometimes it is felt that the skin of the forehead drops and comes over the eyes and there is a pressure felt on the eyes. The brow lift will pull back the skin on its natural position and the result will be a youthful face. Anyone who feels that the skin of the forehead has loosened and started to droop down, he or she can decide to undergo the brow lift treatment. First of all, you should have to search for a good doctor who has a good lot of experience in brow lift and more importantly has succeeded in almost all of them.

Brow Lift

Brow Lift Surgery Procedure

The brow lift surgery takes maximum two hours and usually, there is no need to stay in the hospital. The recovery time is 7-10 days and during this period you will have to stay away from the strenuous works and your office too. The most important thing for a good and comfortable recovery is to follow your doctor’s advice completely and carefully. If you feel swelling or bruising your doctor will probably give you a cold compress. The brow lift surgery is not painful whereas you can feel a little uncomfortable by the numbness or itchiness in the area after they brow lift operation. Although rarely there are complications, it is, however, advisable to consult your doctor immediately after you feel any pain or higher level of discomfort.

Brow Lift / Before & After

Brow Lift / Before & After

Types of Brow Lifting

There are many types of incisions made during a brow lift surgery, so it is necessary that discuss this, during your consultation with the doctor. After making the incision, the doctor will tighten the forehead muscles and skin and if required the muscles or the skin can be removed and the eyebrows are raised. Your communication with the doctor matters a lot for the success of your brow lift surgery, and it is always good to be open to your doctor and tell them exactly what you want. Try to clear out your doubts before the brow lift surgery and after fully satisfied, only then proceed to get this brow lift surgery done. You should have full faith in the doctor.

Brow Lift Surgery

Amazing Changes

The brow lift brings amazing changes in the appearance of the person and a permanent angry look gets changed into an energetic and youthful appearance. Endoscopic brow lift is gaining popularity these days because the incision made in this process is small and the doctor with the help of a small camera alters the muscles and tightens the skin.

Is there a Brow Lift Surgery in Abroad?

Of course, yes. You can find it much cheaper in abroad, especially middle-east countries.

As a highly experienced San Diego / La Jolla plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul Chasan performs a brow lift to raise the eyebrows, smooth the forehead, and minimize frown lines that come with aging. Dr. Chasan no longer uses the old-style coronal brow lift that required an incision from ear to ear. He uses the latest technique, the endoscopic brow lift. When performing endoscopic brow lift in San Diego / La Jolla, Dr. Chasan, a renowned Del Mar brow lift surgeon, makes four small incisions in the scalp less than one inch in length.

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