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Have you been in a long practice of gorging too much food? Are you feeling low and sluggish lately? Or, you are simply not happy with the urn-shaped figure of yours?

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If the flab around your waste has been drawing all your worries, your body is in need of some detox. Thankfully, nature is the best gift we have and there is much natural food that counteracts the effect of toxic lifestyle.

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Whether you want to give your energy level a hike, boost your mood, lower your body weight or cleanse your body from within, these foods with work for you as a boon.



If too much fat or alcohol in your diet has tampered your digestive system completely, it will be worthwhile to add a little ginger to your meal. Ginger not only reduces the problem of nausea but is also amazing in improving your digestion, reducing gas and diminishing bloating. Additionally, ginger is an amazing antioxidant and boosts the immune system. You can add ginger as a spice in your food item or sip on some ginger tea in the morning.



Garlic has always been known for its heart-healing benefits. However, this food is also very good in detoxifying the body. It is antiviral, antibiotic, antibacterial and contains a chemical known as allicin, which promotes white blood cell production and fights against toxins. It’s best to eat raw garlic, but you can also add crushed garlic to your salad.



Adding some steamed artichoke leaves to your meal is a wonderful way to get your body back on track if you have been indulged in too much fatty food or alcohol. Other than fat reducing capabilities, artichoke also improves the functioning of the liver.



People in need of some quick health-boosting kick of nutrient should gorge over some beetroot every day. Beetroot is packed with iron, magnesium and vitamin C and was recently tagged as a superfood because of its extraordinary health benefits. Beetroot is great for hair, skin, maintaining cholesterol level and helps improve liver detoxification. You can either add raw beetroot to the salad or sip on its juice.

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Green Tea

Technically, it’s not a food, but no detox diet list is complete without mentioning about green tea. It is an ultimate detoxifying tea and a great drink to lose fat. Research says that green tea protects your liver from diseases.

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