When most people think of homemade acne treatments, they think of things like cocoa butter, shea butter, aloe vera and so on. But these types of remedies are temporary. You see. It’s like taking a pain medication for a backache. The pain may dissipate but the reason for the pain is still there. Same for homemade acne treatments. You may clear up the problem temporarily, but the cause is likely to still be there. That likely cause is usually your diet.

How to Cure an Acne

Most people don’t think of diet when it comes to their skin problems. But it is the most likely reason for your acne problems. In fact, there are many acne programs that focus only on what you are putting into your body, OR, your DIET. But for now, let us focus on your use of drinking water to help clear up your skin. Water is so important when it comes to having clear skin.

Drink Water for Acne

Drink Water for Acne

The only way your body can get water is if you intake it. Whether it be from drinking or from food. Your body relies on water to do all of its functions. Your body knows how much to use, store and then eventually get rid of. So if you don’t drink a lot of water, your body will store more and you will sweat and urinate less.

But that can lead to problems because then your body is using the same old water over and over. Therefore that water can be considered to be dirty. Hence, if the water your body is using is dirty, your sweat pores will clog and produce acne. So drinking water is one of the most important things you can do in your fight against acne.

You also need water if you have acne scars. If you aren’ t getting sufficient water (1 oz / per body weight a day) the process of rebuilding the scar tissue you have is much slower.

Cure for Acne

Acnes – Before & After

Clear Up Your Skin

So realize that diet plays a very significant role in how clear your skin is and how fast you get rid of your scars. Aside from drinking the proper amount of water every day, you need to make sure you aren’t sabotaging your skin by eating the wrong foods.

For example, let’s talk about milk. Specifically, cow’s milk. About 80 of humans are allergic to milk or dairy and don t even know it. The traditional allergy symptoms like hives don t show up. But acne will. Now milk does other things to the body that aren’t good for you as well. But for the purposes of this article, we won’t get into that. Just know that cutting cow’s milk out of your diet can go a long way toward clearing up your skin.

The good news is that the myth about chocolate causing acne is not likely to be true. In fact chocolate makes the brain raise its serotonin levels which in turn releases stress. And stress oftentimes leads to pimples. Just make sure it isn’t a milk chocolate you are chowing down on.

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