Weight gain and obesity are one of the most rampant problems that have emerged in this century. Mechanization has made people’s lives even more sedentary, further compounding this issue. Here are five effective ways to help you reduce weight fast:

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

This is a surgical procedure that entails making an incision in the body via the belly button. Sleeve gastrectomy surgeons then proceed to reduce the stomach to about 25% of its original size by removing a large part of the stomach along the greater curvature. The end result is the stomach that resembles a sleeve or tubular structure.

While still in its stages of infancy, this procedure has rapidly become popular. It is easier than gastric bypass and has a shorter recovery time. After the surgery, the patient’s ability to consume food decreases by drastic levels, thereby resulting in weight loss. This surgery is mostly recommended to people bearing an excessive amount of weight.

Controlled Diet

A Controlled Diet

Embark on a rapid weight loss diet. While there are various fad diets trending amongst weight conscious people, there are some basic steps that a person can undertake to lose weight faster. These include eating vegetables to make you feel fuller, drinking lots of water, avoiding consuming junk food and reducing meal portions.

While these steps may seem simple, sticking to these habits will yield good results. The total calorie count should be reduced to 100-1200 per day, as per height, weight and gender considerations. Diets, if performed carefully and with the right motivation, can prove to be highly effective in bringing you closer to your desired weight.

Exercise Hard

Highly Intensive Exercise

While aerobics and yoga are considered to be quite efficient ways of making the body lose fat, studies have shown that regular, repetitive bouts of exercise are most beneficial for fast weight loss.Any cardio or interval training that will get the heart rate up burns the most calories and results can often be felt within a week if combined with controlled food intake.

Popular fast-paced exercise routines include the 30-day shred and Jillian Michael’s workouts. Moreover, dancing or Zumba for 60-90 minutes at a stretch will allow a person to sweat more, expend more energy, enjoy themselves and also lose weight rapidly.



Yet another surgical procedure, liposuction is the most common treatment undertaken globally. Also known as lipoplasty, this cosmetic process breaks up fat particles and sucks it away from various parts of the body. The fat is removed using a hollow instrument known as a canula. This is inserted under the surface of the skin and a strong, high-pressure vacuum is applied to it which creates the needed suction force.

Suitable candidates are typically those with stable weight, but with undesirable deposits in specific areas of the body. Although this procedure is more for aesthetic purposes rather than for the fat loss, it is certainly highly effective in eliminating problematic areas, thereby allowing the person to achieve weight loss in a more efficient manner in future.

weight loss pillsUsing Pills

Anti-gas pills are sold over-the-counter at drugstores in the form of chewable tablets. These treat bloating of the abdomen and breaks up gas bubbles in the digestive system, resulting in a flatter stomach. Some conditions such as hyperthyroidism, PCOs, type 2 diabetes and low blood pressure have weight gain as one of the symptoms, and many well-researched pills with minimal side effects are available to counter this.

Normally, doctors only prescribe these if a person’s BMI is 30 or higher.  These drugs work by preventing the body from assimilating at least one-third of the fat taken in.  Furthermore, they often have to be combined with a low-fat diet and a regular intake of multivitamins.

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